During this masterclass for 30-something women (just like you), I'm going to teach you...

  • My signature #sultrysoftglam eye makeup (SPOILER ALERT: it takes less than 10 minutes and includes a super easy lash application)
  • How to rewind time with concealer placement and application that lifts the eye and blurs fine lines
  • A trendy, fluffy brow that adds fullness and softens facial features
  • How to use cream and liquid products to create a youthful complexion - I’ll show you why they call me the #SKINGOD
  • A client favorite lip combo for any occasion that is long lasting and adds a believable fullness

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I know what you're going through...

As a 30-something professional makeup artist, I too find it difficult to keep up with constantly evolving trends. I have attempted to replicate looks on myself and ended up wildly disappointed because hello! - I actually have fine lines under my eyes and I need to chill out on the powder. 

Because over 70% of my clientele are brides, I not only understand how to enhance beauty in a tasteful way, but most of the time they hover around the age 30 mark. And while I don’t subscribe to the idea that your entire makeup routine needs to change just because you are a certain age, I know all too well the pain points of women who are seeing those first signs of aging. I’ve been a licensed esthetician and makeup artist for close to a decade and I can say with confidence that most of us all struggle with the same issues when it comes to makeup. So I’m here to help!